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My fiction writing career has been somewhat stop-start, but as I gather those all-important fiction publications, I’ll list them here. Of course, my marketing alter ego has plenty of publishing experience; meet her over here.

Short stories

26 Weeks

Ongoing conversation project with the organisation 26, looking at how various people around the UK are dealing with the pandemic. I’m speaking with the lovely Helen Deverell, who is pregnant with her first child. Read more here.

Bloomsbury Festival 2019

Again with 26, I was one of the Bloomsbury Festival’s writers in residence in 2010, tasked with wandering the festival for a day and writing something inspired by what I saw. Read my response here.

The Understory

A joint project between 26 and The Woodland Trust, I wrote a sestude (exactly 62 words) and accompanying essay inspired by the plight of the River Redgum trees in my native South Australia. The online publication of my piece, Cracked Foundations, is here, and the project was turned into a book which can be purchased here.

Writing on Glass

Produced as a joint project between Sutton Writers and the Heritage Services of Sutton Libraries, this is a collection of works inspired by the Past on Glass project. Boxes full of 10,000 glass photographic plates were discovered in the basement of an opticians in Sutton when the shop was being demolished as part of a road widening scheme; the plates were produced by a local photographer, David Knights-Whittome, in his shop in Sutton between 1900 and 1920. The collection is not commercially available.

Once Upon a Time

I had a piece published in this anthology of modern and adapted fairy tales. It came from a competition run in conjunction withe UK National Flash Fiction Day in 2012. Buy it here; all proceeds go to the National Literacy Trust.


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