September 2

All talk, no action

By In Thoughts

Hello, interwebz. Long time, no speak. I got all excited about setting up my VERY OWN SITE and blogging and all that… only to leave it hanging. I’ve even got random comments from random people and didn’t realise – d’oh! Way to ensure interest, Lauren. Sigh.

Anyways…. whatchu been up to? Me, I entered NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction challenge for the second year running. Last year I got worried because the first assignment saw me needing to write horror, and I just really don’t *do* horror. But I did well. I kinda liked it. This year… less lucky. I got assigned comedy. Now, I like to think I’m somewhat amusing in the right context, but trying to write comedy? Gawd, it was HORRIBLE. I just couldn’t do it. I struggled. I started and re-started and started again. And what came out in the end… well, kinda offensive. But I submitted. I always submit. See what happens. Will see. If you’re interested, I’ve posted it here.

Before you read it, though, a word: I struggled. Like, really really badly. I think it’s my worst work, in all honesty. I’ve posted it here for a juxtaposition, and because people have been asking how I did. I won’t say be kind but… please, be kind!

Now… now, I’m preparing for my very first 3 Day Novel competition. In t-minus two and a half hours, I’ll be writing a novel in just three days. No preparation. Barely a clue as to what I’ll write. Disaster calls? Stay tuned and see!

I’ll be tweeting my experience, so follow me @novicenovelist.

Until next time.

Written by LJ McMenemy

Thinker of random thoughts. Writer of random dreams.

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