It’s actually coming together…

Two weeks into this 6 Month Novel madness. Two weeks of plotting bootcamp. Week one introduced me to my characters; week two showed me that I don’t actually like some of them and may want to kill them off before they even get started.

But seriously, it’s amazing how much just answering some worksheets has got me thinking about the whole story. Working out my minor characters helped to introduce possible subplots, as well as giving me the idea for the inciting incident. Before then, I just kinda had a vague idea of where I wanted things to go, but didn’t know how I’d get there: the ultimate in “yeah, this’ll be a good idea, let’s just do it” writing. Which, to be fair, is generally how I write everything.

Turns out this plotting stuff is actually really useful. Who’d have thunk it?

Two more weeks of it to go, so who knows where my story will take me in that time. In the meantime, I really like the themes and concepts that are coming to me. I might just make a go of this yet.

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