Glutton for punishment

This weekend I should’ve been preparing for the 6 Month Novel (hereby referred to as 6MN), getting to know my fellow 6MN-ers and generally enjoying those last moments of freedom.

What did I do instead? I was in a writing competition.

Now, to be fair to me and myself, I entered the comp long before I knew about 6MN and that I would be doing it. Good ol’ NYC Midnight and its Flash Fiction Challenge. And, while the sane probably would’ve just bowed at of the comp, I couldn’t. It was like they were tempting me. Like they had heard my cries of “no more romance PLEASE” and decided that I needed another go at Horror. And I had ideas and images blazing through my brain all of yesterday.

So, I had to. Right?

Story’s just been submitted and now it’s almost time for Downton. I refuse to give up my Downton fix; a girl’s gotta have something, right?

Maybe I’ll do my prep in the ad breaks…

Oh, I’ll post the latest flash fic challenge once the entries have closed and it’s safe to do so. Will be good to know what people think: was it worth the hassle?

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