February 2

Finding the voice

Accessing long-forgotten muscles

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It’s funny, this writing thing. I’m out of practice. It’s been so long since I sat at a computer to write fiction that I had forgotten how to access that muscle. So I thought: competitions. They’ve always been a good way to get me motivated. I find that once I start writing something – anything – then the ideas flow. Too many ideas. All competing for attention.
So: competitions. Ol’ faithful NYC Midnight has its short story comp later this month, but I needed something NOW. I’m an impatient bugger.
Through some random Facebook writers’ page I subscribe to, I stumbled across Cassiopeia magazine’s “found fiction” competition. The premise seemed simple enough: they send you an old family photo, and you write a story inspired by what you see. No restrictions on genre or form, as long as it comes in under 1000 words. So I chucked my proverbial hat in that ring.
The pic arrived in the mail, and immediately it spoke to me. For about two weeks, I let it keep speaking to me. At least once a day, I’d take it out and look at it and let the voices come to me.
And there were many voices, all competing for attention. Sad voices, scary voices, funny voices, dramatic voices. Stories of a family Christmas from years ago, all inspired by someone’s old photo. A spark of genius for writing prompts if ever I saw one.
The story I came out with? Well, it’s with the editor now. I’ll find out soon if she liked it, and if she does it’ll spell publication for me. If she doesn’t, I’ll post it here to add to the collection.
I plan to make that collection a lot bigger this year….

Written by LJ McMenemy

Thinker of random thoughts. Writer of random dreams.

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