It can’t be…. no? Surely not?!

Yes, my friends. A blog. Hello, and welcome to 2013. I know most of 2012 went by without me exactly setting the blogging world on fire, but I find myself uncommonly free time-heavy at the moment so thought I’d pick it back up.

Last year was a total shocker. Apart from that whole getting-engaged thing. But this year… who knows what this year holds. I’m trying desperately hard to remain positive, but those who know me also know that this writing thing is a constant roundtuit for me (y’know – I’ll get round to it?).

So, fiction writing. Yes, my new year’s resolution was to have at least a good chunk of a book in first draft form. I’d better get a move on early since I’ll have a wedding to plan in amongst it. I’m leaning towards scary stuff because I seem to do quite ok with that – despite it being very much not my genre. A mammoth book of last year’s best horror in hand, I shall attempt.

Writing comps, be warned: I shall be entering you this year. I find it easier to write, and find the ideas come more readily, when I’m in the flow of fiction writing. At the moment, I stare at a blank screen and cry woe is me, I have no ideas. The blockage will be removed by DOING. To do, I need prompts. If anyone’s reading this and has a prompt for me, let me know by the comments or Twitter (@novicenovelist) and I’ll give it a go. Honest: a challenge! I do love a good challenge.

For now, though, this is a short and sweet entry to remind y’all that I’m alive and sort-of well and will be spamming you sooner rather than later with crappy new fiction.

Now, is that the kettle boiling? ….

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