Non-competitive: something I cannot be

So I’ve written my first piece to submit to something that’s not a competition. Very weird for me. I’m so damn competitive I can turn making a cup of tea into a prize-winning endeavour.

So, as usual, I’m completely unconfident about what I’ve done. I’ll need to get used to this stuff. This is my plan for this year: more submitting. More writing in general. That does mean a lot of it won’t be able to go on this site, but I’ll try to blog more as recompense. And if things get rejected, they can go up here.

So yes. Probably most of it will end up here.


I'm a 30-something female seeking to create a great work of art... or at least something people will actually want to read. Is it the same thing?
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Thinker of random thoughts. Writer of random dreams.

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  1. 4/26/2012

    The confidence – or lack of – may contribute to your style of writing? I enjoy reading your stuff. And I too dabble. I’d like to do more. You inspire me Ms Lauren.

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