The final, again. Who’d have thunk it?!

Yet again, a late entry. I have an excuse this time: last weekend I was busy writing in the final of the NYC Midnight Short Story comp. Yup, made it through again. They must like me!

Genre was set as open, and so naturally my mind turned to the sinister and creepy once more. I blame NYC Midnight entirely for this horror trip I seem to be on. I had never even attempted to write it before starting this competition 2 years ago; now I can’t seem to stop. Has it unlocked – as one writing buddy has pointed out – my inner Stephen King? Maybe I should focus on a creepy novel? Who knows.

Someone also pointed out I seem to gravitate towards creepy children with psychotic parents. This is entirely coincidental, and again I blame the competition for setting me horror stories that need to feature orphans, or prodigies, or whatever else they’ve set me. NOT MY FAULT!! Mum, not you either, stop panicking 🙂

Anyways, this final entry, I’m not so sure about it. I’ve titled it “Jonny be good”, and you can read it here; it was written in all of an hour. This could be a good thing, but you know what I’m like – I’m tending towards the “that must mean it sucks” end of the scale. I had a ping of an idea quite early on, but then took it to a more classic place (hopefully you’ll spot the references; I tried to make them subtle) to make sure the long distance relationship I was set was completely and totally obvious. Don’t want to be relying on the judges getting subtlety when it’s the final.

Still, whatever happens with Jonny and co, I’m pretty proud to get to the final for the second year running. This time, I made it to the top 25 writers out of more than 600. That’s pretty good, I reckon.

Now, I need to start thinking less about competitions and more about submitting for publications. I want to at least have a stack of rejection slips on a nail by the end of the year – at the very least…

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