March 10

My problem is this

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Well, actually, my problem is probably that I can tell you all of my problems and how I should solve them but that I never get past that step.

But my pressing problem today is a biggie.

So, I got through to round 2 of this year’s NYC Midnight Short Story comp. I’ve been assigned scifi – don’t get me started – with a bus driver and Halloween worked in somewhere along the way. I had a flash of an idea, started on it, really got into the character.

All was good.

But I hit 500 words and I’ve no idea where to take it.

I’m worried it’s not scifi-y enough. Do they want Star Trek or will they be ok with Children of Men? These are the same people, remember, who asked in my judging notes for Would You Take a Look At This, Darl?, why the protagonist didn’t just look at her household’s CCTV to find out who was dropping the mysterious parcels through her front door. This, after praising me in the previous line for invoking the setting of working class Australia so beautifully…

Plus, having set up this brilliant character for this scifi piece, I just don’t think he’d do what I know he has to do.

And now I’ve only got 1000 words left to get to the denouement and wrap up the action with a satisfying (or not) resolution.

My problem is the opposite of the problems I usually have: great start, but what now. As opposed to: great idea but ARGH HOW DO I START?!?!?!

What’s making it worse is that, as I sit here writing this blog post by means of procrastination and in the vein hope that the bolt of lightning will shoot out of the clear blue sky and suddenly I will see sense and reason, the boy – who also got through to round 2, yay him – is typing away studiously with his headphones on and no issues whatsoever.

He sucks.

That is all.

Written by LJ McMenemy

Thinker of random thoughts. Writer of random dreams.
  1. Susi March 11

    Lauren – you can do this! Children of Men is definitely ok. My sci-fi last time was based on a dystopian future community and I wrote it in the form of a letter. I wrote it at 10pm on the night it was due after a very heavy weekend. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but they awarded me first place in the group, despite their weird conflicting feedback. I have heard others complain about the feedback on these comps, seems to be an issue. Have faith, I know you can nail this! Good luck 🙂

  2. Uncle Daniel March 11

    Go for it, Lozza! You know you can do ANYTHING once you put your mind to it!

    • Lauren March 11

      awww thanks uncle daniel!!

  3. Mum March 12

    You know you can do it –and why would you guve Chris an opportunity to gloat ?? Xx


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