January 19

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Another year, another new years’ resolution to do more writing. Mainly: to get the bloody book written already. All caps, all emphasis, extra swearage.

So why ain’t it happening yet?

What I would dearly love to know is how I get some energy. Working all day and commuting from Hampshire to London is severely impeding my drive. Good intentions about using the 1.5 hours each day on the train for writing gave way to a nap in the morning and games on the iPad in the evening pretty darn quick. What is it that’s stopping me?

Here’s what I think: I’m scared. I’m scared that whatever I come up with will be total shite and everyone will laugh at me. Which is the most likely scenario, let’s face it. A little bit of competition success with short stories does not mean I can sustain an entire book – and my only attempts thus far (2010 Nanowrimo, 2011 3DNC) have collapsed in little heaps of autumn leaves ready for a match.

What’s stopping me? Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear. Fear.

And procrastination. Can you get a pill for that yet?

Written by LJ McMenemy

Thinker of random thoughts. Writer of random dreams.
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  1. Jenn B-H January 23

    Hey, hey! It’s apart of all of us to hold back due to fear and such. Perhaps if you don’t add so much pressure to submit that may help or do you feel that may lead to more procrastination?
    I often hear about twenty somethings and such publishing right after high school and college and it really just burns me up. Like, why can’t I GET MY S*** together and finish and edit and have it be done with already?!? But what it comes down to is our own drive. And you cannot force yourself to do something you may not be ready to do. You can push yourself to try but in the end you have to be able to commit. And if you’re not ready don’t beat yourself up for it. Take a break and come back when you feel you’re ready.
    Trust me you’re not the only one who feels this way or has these fears. Take heart that you do write and in the successes you’ve had. Baby steps after all. Your talent is there. I’ve been honored to read it.
    Good vibes for this round of NYCMidnight, friend!


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