Weird places

So NYC Midnight’s second challenge in round 1 gave me an open genre. I panicked. Where were the parameters?! Where was my guidance?!

Luckily, the setting of a children’s playground and the need to work in police tape gave me an obvious angle… and a need to avoid the obvious. I definitely did not want any dead kids anywhere. I didn’t want CSI nor The Bill to come a-visiting.

Thinking during a lovely massage thanks to my lovely boy, I had an opening sentence playing around in my head. After the requisite procrastination for most of Saturday, I sat at Toshi my laptop and typed it out. And the next one. And the next one. This story started writing itself. I love it when that happens.

Unfortunately, it took me places I never thought would come from my head – or through my hands. Again, I found myself in possibly offensive and odd territory. Maybe it’s just something in me right now. It’s dark, that’s for sure. I didn’t completely fulfil my wish for avoiding the obvious. But I think it’s among my best work. Let me know what you think by reading it.

But that weird thing where the story writes itself… I love it when that happens. Have I mentioned that I love it when that happens? It’s the zone, in the parlance of our time. It’s the only time I truly think I might actually be cut out for this thing: when I turn around a few hours later and find that on my screen in front of me is something I don’t really remember writing, that surprises me, that truly draws me in. These are good times. These are the times all writers strive for.

Thankfully, it’s happening to me more and more…

I'm a 30-something female seeking to create a great work of art... or at least something people will actually want to read. Is it the same thing?
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