October 11 / Competitions

Thank fuck, NYC Midnight did not give me romance again. In fact, they gave me my old friend horror. And yet, I still struggled. I ditched my first draft mid-way…

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October 5 / Competitions

This weekend I should’ve been preparing for the 6 Month Novel (hereby referred to as 6MN), getting to know my fellow 6MN-ers and generally enjoying those last moments of freedom.…

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September 29 / Competitions
September 28 / Competitions

While I’m here and updating everything, here’s the biggest update yet: I’ve entered a novel writing thing. It’s a motivational/kick up the bum type of thing that will mean I…

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September 28 / Competitions

So I’ve spent the best part of today getting this ‘ere site up to snuff. I’ve given it a spruce, a bit of a spring clean, a bit of an…

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February 2 / Competitions

It’s funny, this writing thing. I’m out of practice. It’s been so long since I sat at a computer to write fiction that I had forgotten how to access that…

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April 29 / Competitions

So this writer-friend-type has been nagging me to join her competition, writing an “unexpected fairy tale”. I thought, yeah why not, it’s only 350 words. How hard could it be?…

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April 21 / Competitions
March 17 / Competitions